Bouma, Bryant, Rezak, Sidner Banks

Color bathymetric map of Bouma, Bryant, Rezak and Sidner Banks
Bouma, Bryant, Rezak and Sidner Banks are located to the east of McGrail Bank.

Bottom Depth Range: 195-610 feet (59-186 meters)

The Bouma, Bryant, Rezak, Sidner Complex is dominated by black corals, gorgonians, fish, sponges, alge and invertebrates.   

Bouma Bank is named for Arnold H. Bouma, an LSU geologist.

A lizardfish sitting on the bottom among algae and sponges
A lizardfish sits amid a lush sponge/algae field at Bouma Bank

Bryant Bank is named after Texas A&M University marine geologist, William R. Bryant.

Branching red gorgonias with white crinoids curled around their branches
Colorful gorgonians with white basket starts at Bryant Bank

Rezak Bank is named after Richard Rezak, a Texas A&M University oceanographer.

A bushy black coral colony amid a field of algal nodules covered in coralline algae
A black coral in algal nodule habitat at Rezak Bank

Sidner Bank is named after Bruce Sidner, a Texas A&M University geologist.

A large orange sponge (left) surrounded by leafy algae and smaller sponges with lots of small reef fish swimming overhead
Reef fishes swimming over a sponge/algae community at Sidner Bank