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From 1996-2016, Down Under, Out Yonder (DUOY) was an educator workshop and scuba field experience that introduced educators to the sanctuary, coral reefs, reef fish identification and ocean conservation.

The field experience was a dive trip to the Flower Garden and Stetson banks on a live-aboard dive charter. During the dive trip, workshop participants explored the sanctuary and conducted fish surveys to add to a database of knowledge about which species are present in what quantities.

Heading of the REEF fish survey form that includes outline images of several reef fish.
Workshop participants completed 44 fish surveys and
identified 102 different species during their field experience.

This workshop created a memorable, hands-on experience that educators took back to their classrooms as well as museums, aquariums, and other informal education sites.

Group of people posing for a photo on the top deck of a dive boat as it returns to shore.
DUOY 2011 included participants from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, California, and Washington, D.C.

Gulf of Mexico Foundation LogoWorkshop funding and coordination was provided by the Gulf of Mexico Foundation. Workshop instruction and activities were provided by sanctuary staff and guest speakers.

For a full range of activities and lesson plans, please visit our
For Teachers page.

Images from the 2011 workshop can be viewed below. Additional workshop images are also available:

Click on a picture below to see a larger, hi-resolution image
Photo credits: FGBNMS

Workshop participants seated around table groups in a large open room.
The DUOY 2011 workshop began in the ballroom of sanctuary headquarters in Galveston.

A woman with her gloved hand sticking out from a paper lunch bag.
Karen demonstrates a workshop activity where the gloved hand represents a coral polyp, the green dots represent symbiotic algae, and the paper bag represents the coral skeleton around the polyp's base.
Two women working with legos at a table.
Vicki and Valerie work on building coral colonies with Legos.
A woman holds a completed Legos coral colony in her upraised hand.
Melissa shows off her completed coral colony made of Legos.
Four people gathered around a table looking at photo images.
Octavia, Craig, Caleb, and T analyze Stetson Bank monitoring photos as part of a workshop activity.
A man holds up a beaker full of yellow liquid that appears to be giving off smoke.
Paulo Maurin, a guest from NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program, conducts a pH demonstration as part of a discussion on ocean acidification.
People gathered on the back deck of a research boat for a tour.
Emma Hickerson leads a tour of the R/V MANTA before it heads out on its next mission.
A man speaks to teachers during a workshop.
Steve Gittings talks about his experiences with the Gulf oil spill in 2010.
A gas production platform seen through a boat window.
HI-A-389A, a gas production platform in the sanctuary, as seen through a window of the dive boat.
Two men sitting on a boat and  looking at the support structure of a gas production platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
Quenton Dokken (left: Gulf of Mexico Foundation) and Captain Bland (Fling Charters) look out at the HI-A-389A platform from the deck of M/V FLING.
A diver ready to jump into thewater from the edge of a boat.
Kristine gets ready to giant stride into the sanctuary for her next dive.

A diver visible at the surface of the water in the foreground with a boat and a gas production platform visible in the distance.
A diver heads to the reef along the boat's sideline, with R/V MANTA and the HI-A-389A platform visible in the background.

A diver coming up the back stairs of a boat just after a dive.
Becky climbs up from the dive platform after a dive.

A diver removes her mask just after reboarding the boat
Becca returns to the main deck following her dive at HI A389A.

Looking at an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico from the side of a boat.
The FLING approaches a second platform, HI 376, for a dive.

A smiling walking across the boat deck after a good dive.
Stefanie looks pretty happy about her last dive.

A smiling diver climbing back on the boat after a good dive.
Jay looked is this excited at the end of every dive!

Divers standing on the deck of a dive boat following a dive as they change out of their dive gear.
After the dives, everyone chats about what they saw.

Jacqui enjoys a refreshing treat of watermelon after a dive.

People seated at the tables in the boat's galley listening to a presentation.
Everyone gathers in the boat's galley for a mid-day presentation about sponges.

Divers hanging on the floating line trailing from the bottom of the boat's ladder.
Divers hanging on to the ladder line behind the boat as they remove their fins before boarding.

A diver reporting her dive stats on the back deck of the boat after a dive.
Ashley reports her dive data to the boat's Dive Master, with her fins still around her wrists.

A smiling diver starting to remove his gear after a dive.
Eduardo is all grins after a good dive in the sanctuary.

A woman in mask and snorkel with just her head showing above the water.
Summer intern Rachel tries snorkeling for the first time in her life, 115 miles from shore! She can't see much detail on the reef, but she can see a manta ray and some sharks.

A rigid hull inflatable boat pulled up to the dive platform of a larger boat. Several people are getting ready to get into the RHIB.
Quenton Dokken gets ready for a ride in a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) for a trip to the R/V MANTA at the next buoy over.

Sanctuary research vessel tied to a mooring in the sanctuary.  The rigid hull inflatable boat is trailing behind and an oil platform is visible in the distance.
The R/V MANTA tied to the next mooring over at East Flower Garden Bank, with the HI-A-389A platform visible in the distance.

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Juvenile blue tang (fish).  Bright yellow body with irridescent blue marking around eye and at top edge of dorsal fin.
National Marine Sanctuary logo - a stylized whale tail above waves