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Sometimes it's not what the sanctuary does, but what its partners do in the community that inspires ocean conservation. Dallas World Aquarium focused on Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary during its World Ocean Day celebration on June 8, 2011.

Pictured below are some of the coloring pages completed by their young visitors, as well as creative artwork from 2nd grade students at Eustace Elementary in East Texas.

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Photo credits: Dallas World Aquarium

Large room with children's artwork on the far wall.
Dallas World Aquarium hosted an activity area where visitors could color a sanctuary scene. Displayed on the wall are some of the coloring pages and artwork from Eustace Elementary.

Three rows of completed sanctuary coloring pages on a wall.
Coloring pages showing wildlife at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Completed coloring page of animals found at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.
One of the coloring pages completed by a visitor to Dallas World Aquarium on World Ocean Day.
Completed coloring page of animals found at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.
Another coloring page completed by a visitor at Dallas World Aquarium for World Ocean Day.
A plush bear sits with a plush sea lion in the Captains chair in front of a steering wheel and control panel for a boat.
"The Ocean is Special" is the theme of this artwork created by a Eustace Elementary 2nd grade student.

"No Shark Fin Stew" says another 2nd grader from Eustace Elementary.
Student artwork of a sea turtle with colorful sequins decorating its shell.
Sea turtles captured the fancy of this 2nd grade student at Eustace Elementary.

The sanctuary brochure was also available for guest viewing or to take home.

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Juvenile blue tang (fish).  Bright yellow body with irridescent blue marking around eye and at top edge of dorsal fin.
National Marine Sanctuary logo - a stylized whale tail above waves