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Sanctuary Research Coordinator, Emma Hickerson, was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHoF) on March 29, 2014.

Emma receiving an award from three other ladiesThis award recognizes her work as a Diving Unit Supervisor, Submersible Pilot, and Aquanaut in conjunction with her conservation of the marine environment.

Since 1990, Emma has logged over 1200 dives, participated in more than 150 sanctuary research cruises,and spent 37 hours piloting submersibles.

ONMS Article and Podcast Interview with Emma

NOAA Press Release (65kb pdf)
WDHoF Press Release (844kb pdf)

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Emma at Work

Emma Hickerson standing at the back of a boat holding her underwater video camera
Emma takes a lot of video in the sanctuary to help document what we see and do there. This helps us with species identification and long-term monitoring of reef health. (Image: FGBNMS/Embesi)

Two divers digging in the sand around a piece of equipment on the sea floor
Emma (left) and Marissa clearing sand away from some water quality equipment in the sanctuary. (Image: FGBNMS/Schmahl)
A diver hammering a metal pin into a rock on the sea floor
E mma tagging a long-term monitoring station at Stetson Bank. (Image: Joyce & Frank Burek)
Two divers capturing lionfish on the reef
Emma (left) and Marissa removing invasive lionfish from the reef. This is an activity that requires a permit due to spearfishing restrictions in the sanctuary. (Image: FGBNMS/Schmahl)
Two divers deplying a scientific instrument on the sea floor
Emma (left) and Marissa deploying a benthic sampler for a graduate student at TAMUG. This instrument measures respiration of critters living in the substrate. (Image: FGBNMS/Schmahl)
Emma on the dive ladder of R/V MANTA with her underwater video gear
Emma returning to R/V MANTA after a successful dive video-documenting the sanctuary. (Image: FGBNMS/Embesi) 
Emma in a one-person submersible before launch
In 2011, Emma was a submersible pilot in the NASA-NEEMO 15 mission in the Florida Keys. (Image: FGBNMS)

Induction Ceremony

Emma receiving an award from three other ladies
Emma receiving her induction certificate from WDHoF President Bonnie Toth, accompanied by WDHoF Board member Joan Forsberg. (Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Five women standing in a row. This is the WDHoF Class of 2014.
2014 Women Divers Hall of Fame Inductees, L-R Tamara Thomsen, Jayne Jenkins, Emma Hickerson, Kristine Barsky, and Barbara Allen. Not pictured - Deidre Sullivan. (Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Emma posing with Michelle Hall
Emma with her nomination sponsor, Michelle Hall, a WDHof Ambassador. (Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Pasy Kott, Emma Hickerson, and Marty Gittings
Emma was joined by friends and supporters for the ceremonies - Patsy Kott and Marty Gittings.
Steve Gittings and Emma Hickerson
Dr. Steve Gittings and Emma. Steve is responsible for bringing Emma on at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary when he was the Sanctuary Manager.
James Delgado and Emma Hickerson
Dr. Jim Delgado chats with Emma during the Fish n Famous event held the night prior to the Induction ceremony. Jim is the Director of the ONMS Marine Heritage program (Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Emma posing with Stan Waterman and Michelle Hall
Emma with underwater film makers Stan Waterman and Michelle Hall. (Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Emma Hickerson, Michelle Hall, Sydney Hickerson
Emma, Michele Hall, and Emma's daughter, Sydney.
(Image: Patsy Kott)
Women Divers Hall of Fame group photo of members in attendance
Group photo of all the Women Divers Hall of Fame members in attendance at the induction ceremony.
(Image: FGBNMS/Sydney Hickerson)
Emma posing with the ceremonial color guard
Emma posing with the ceremonial color guard. (Image: WDHoF)
Emma Hickerson's certificate of membership in the Women Divers Hall of Fame
Emma'sinduction certificate and membership pin from the Women Divers Hall of Fame. (Image: FBGNMS/Emma Hickerson)

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