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The first annual NOAA Ocean Discovery Day was held in January 2007 at the NOAA Galveston Lab. Staff from NOAA Fisheries, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement and the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network showed off their work and entertained guests with activities and information. Additional entertainment was provided by Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist.

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Photo credits: Schmahl/FGBNMS

Visitors talking to a biologist in front of a table top display of sanctuary images
Research Coordinator Emma Hickerson talks to students about sanctuary sights.
Visitor sitting in front of a large screen display showing video footage from the sanctuary.
Emma Hickerson answers questions about sanctuary images and video.
A visitor learning about GIS from a biologist while sitting in front of a computer dipslay
GIS Specialist Doug Weaver demonstrates how GIS is used as a sanctuary management tool.
Two visitors sitting with a biologist in front of a computer monitor showing GIS maps
Doug Weaver answers questions about a GIS image of East Flower Garden Bank.
Girl scouts visiting an information table about Sea Camp
Girl Scouts learn about Texas A&M Sea Camp.
A female NOAA Corps officer in full uniform in front of a display about the NOAA Corps
NOAA Corps officer Lindsay Kurelja stands near her display.
Shelley DuPuy wearing a blue NOAA shirt and a plush fish hat
Education Coordinator Shelley DuPuy shows her fishy spirit!
Lucas Miller standing up playing the guitar and singing about sea turtles
Lucas Miller, the singing zoologist, sings about Kemp's Ridley sea turtles.
Lucas Miller wearing a blue shirt, khaki vest, and a straw hat with marsh reeds on top.  Lucas is making wave motions with his arms as he sings about wetlands.
Lucas Miller shows the audience "where the water meets the dry, dry land" during his wetlands song.
Lucas Miller wearing a blue shirt, khaki vest, and a straw hat with marsh reeds on top.  Lucas is wearing a clam puppet on his right hand as he sings about a clam in a marsh.
Lucas Miller with "Clam I Am" in his wetlands song.
A room full of visitors enjoying a performance by Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller sings about symbiosis between the clownfish and the anemone.
A room full of visitors enjoying a performance by Lucas Miller.

Lucas Miller shows that "the butterflyfish is anemone enemy number one" in his symbiosis song.

Two NOAA law enforcement officers standing behind a table talking to six visitors.  Behind the officers is a large display about the law enforcement program.

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement shares information about fisheries enforcement issues.

Two women sitting behind a table with a brightly colored tablecoth.  Each of the women is wearing a blue tshirt and matching ball cap.
Adivsory Council Coordinator Jennifer Morgan and volunteer Anja check in volunteers for the event.
Two visitors looking at lab equipment displayed on a table while a biologist explains how the equipmentis used
Fishery Biologist Shawn Hillen talks to visitors about his work in the Fisheries Ecology Lab.
A visitor looking at a display of gear used by fisheries observers while a biologist explains the observer program
Fishery Biologist Greg Gitschlag discusses the Platform Removal Observer Program.
A person standing by a rectangular tank of water with a sea turlte swimming in it
Visitor on tour at the NOAA Sea Turtle facility.
Close up of a small sea turtle swimming in water
Loggerhead sea turtle accepting visitors at the NOAA Sea Turtle facility.
Children simulating a dolphin rescue with a plush dolphin lying on an open stretcher on the floor
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network volunteers teach about dolphin rescues.
Children holding a stretcher with a plush dolphin in it, simulating a dolphin rescue.
Simulated dolphin rescue in progress with the help of the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

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Juvenile blue tang (fish).  Bright yellow body with irridescent blue marking around eye and at top edge of dorsal fin.
National Marine Sanctuary logo - a stylized whale tail above waves