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The 3rd annual NOAA Ocean Discovery Day was held May 1, 2010 following a one year vacation due to Hurricane Ike. Staff from NOAA Fisheries, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement, National Weather Service, Sea Grant, and the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network showed off their work and entertained guests with activities and information.

A special feature this year was NOAA's Science on a Sphere, which introduced visitors to currents, sea surface temperatures, tsunamis, sea turtle tracking, and more on a global scale.

The following pictures highlight the activities captured by Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary staff throughout the day.

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Photo credits: FGBNMS

blank spaceSanctuary Displays & Activities blank space

Resusable cups and bags displayed on a counter top next to a sign.  Alongside is a display board discussing marine debris.
Reusable cups and bags waiting to be distributed at the start of Ocean Discovery Day. A display about marine debris further emphasizes the need to be kind to our ocean enviroment.

Several people talking in the center of a room featuring sanctuary displays on nearby countertops.
Emma Hickerson talks to guests in the entry area at sanctuary headquarters. Sanctuary handouts and displays are visible on the counter to the left.
A small group of people talking or looking at items on table top displays.
National Weather Service and NOAA Office of Law Enforcement displays at the sanctuary offices.
A sanctuary volunteer and two children doing an activity at a table.
Sanctuary volunteer Kai Drinnen assists two visitors doing a cloud activity using cottonballs and water droppers.
A person sitting behind a table and holding a small object in her hand.  Part of a person is visible standing to the right of the table.
Sanctuary volunteer Makayla Potts conducts an acidification demonstration at the Sea Grant display.
One person holds a cylindrical piece of coral skeleton for viewing by four other people in front of a display about corals.
Sanctuary volunteer Madison Lee shows visitors a piece of a coral core and explains how coral grows in layers.
A person standing to the left and holding a t-shaped metal frame talks to several visitors in front of him.  Behind the speaker is a display board on a table.
Sanctuary volunteer Jack Clason explains how monitoring photos are taken and analyzed by the sanctuary as part of its monitoring program.

blank space
Fisheries Displays & Activities
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Tables with displays set up around the perimeter of a room.  People standing in front of the tables with their backs to the camera.
Megan Kesterson (left) and April Tadlock (right) staff displays about platform and bycatch observer programs.

Woman standing behind a table with a display of conch shells on it.
Jennifer Doerr stands behind her display of queen conchs. Visitors learned about the conch tagging program in the Virigin Islands.

Two women, one standing and one sitting, behind a table full of informational brochures and activity books.  Behind them is a large display board full of photos.
Connie Thompson (left) and Ronnie O'Toole (right) staff an information station for NOAA Fisheries.
A man seated behind a display table with a microscope at the front edge.  A small boy is looking into the microscope with his back to the camera.
Keith Roberts staffs a display about NOAA's port agents and what they do. A young visitor examines an otolith (fish ear bone) under a microscope.
A library with historic photos and memorabilia displayed on either side and a large video monitor at the end of the room.  A crowd of people stands in front of the monitor with their backs to the camera.
The Fisheries library displayed a fine array of historic photos, memorabilia, and video presentations about Fort Crockett.

blank space
Science on a Sphere
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click on the > to play

Set up for the sphere took about 6 hours on Wednesday, April 28th. Here's how it looked at 5-minute increments throughout the day.

Large, brightly lit globe suspended from a metal frame over a wooden floor.
First look at Science on a Sphere
with a projected image.

A large room with a brightly lit globe suspended from a metal frame.  Beneath the globe is an area carpet.  To the left are rows of chairs lined up for visitors.  To the right are several flags on poles in stands.
The sanctuary ballroom set up to receive visitors to Science on a Sphere.
People seated in rows facing a large suspended globe.  To the left are several flags on poles in stands.  Above and to the right are several arched windows with wooden shutters.
Visitors enjoy a presentation of scientific data using Science on a Sphere in the sanctuary ballroom.
A woman silhouetted against a brightly lit globe suspended from the ceiling behind her.
Beth Russell conducts a presentation about ocean currents using Science on a Sphere.

blank space
Sanctuary Samblank space

Large sea lion character shakes "hands" with a man standing behind a display table.
Sanctuary Sam, the official National Marine Sanctuaries spokes-sea lion, welcomes Charles Tyer from NOAA Law Enforcement.
Large sea lion character costume poses next to a large dolphin character.
Sanctuary Sam meets the dolphin character representing Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.
Large sea lion character visits stands next to a man holding a small sea turtle.  Aquarium raceways are visible in the background.
Sanctuary Sam visits with Cain Bustinza and meets a young sea turtle.
Large sea lion character poses with a young girl in front of a white building.
Sanctuary Sam poses with a young Discovery Day visitor.

weather report observations cool stuff get wet

Juvenile blue tang (fish).  Bright yellow body with irridescent blue marking around eye and at top edge of dorsal fin.
National Marine Sanctuary logo - a stylized whale tail above waves