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The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council holds quarterly meetings to discuss current topics of interest to the sanctuary. When needed, the council also convenes working groups to evaluate more in depth topics. 

Below are images from various council functions and activities.

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Photo credits: FGBNMS,
unless otherwise noted

Council Meeting
September 23, 2015

New council members were welcomed to their new terms that began August 1, 2015. Three members were reappointed to their seats: Jimmie Mack, Recreational Diving; Jacqui Stanley, Education; and James Wiseman, Oil & Gas Production. A new member, Adrienne Simoes Correa, was newly appointed to one of the Research seats.

Outgoing member Will Heyman was thanked for his exceptional service as a Research representative since 2009.

New council members standing in front of some sanctuary maps with sanctuary superintendent
Left to right: Jimmie Mack, Adrienne Simoes Correa, G.P. Schmahl (Sanctuary Superintendent), Jacqui Stanley. (Image: FGBNMS/Drinnen)
Council Meeting
May 20, 2015
GP Schmahl presenting Jesse Cancelmos with his Volunteer of the Year plaque
G.P. Schmahl presented outgoing Council Chair Jesse Cancelmo with his Volunteer of the Year plaque. Jesse has served on the council for a number of years and participated in several sanctuary projects.
(Image: FGBNMS/Embesi)
Group photo of council and staff members in front of E/V NAUTILUS at the dock in Galveston
E/V NAUTILUS was in Galveston for a few days coinciding with the May council meeting. Sanctuary staff and council members were invited to tour the vessel following the meeting.
Council Meeting
February 20, 2015
GP Schmahl with new SAC members Natalie Hall, Randy Widaman, and Buddy Guindon
New Advisory Council members Natalie Hall (diving operations), Randy Widaman (diving operations), and Buddy Guindon (commercial fishing) were welcomed by Sanctuary Superintendent G.P. Schmahl at the beginning of the council meeting.

Council Meeting
November 19, 2014

A speaker presenting at the front of a meeting room with an image on the large screen to the right.
Rod Stanley, Oceanworks Inc., conducted a presentation about Cabled Observatory Technology at the November 2014 advisory council meeting. This type of system has potential applications in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary Advisory Council Summit and
Marine Protected Area Federal Advisory Committee
Joint Meeting
June 2-4, 2014

The 2014 National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Summit was structured to build upon previous discussions related to fostering support for marine protected areas through recreation, travel and tourism.  

Sessions, open forums and breakout groups with participants from the nearby Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee Meeting resulted in a "Call to Action" intended to increase the visibility and effectiveness of marine protected areas as destinations for sustainable recreation.


Meeting participants seated around a u-shaped table as the meetinb begins
The 2014 SAC Summit took place in the ballroom at FGBNMS headquarters.
Jesse Cancelmo and other SAC Chairs listening to a presentation
Jesse Cancelmo (seated 4th from left), was one of the SAC chairs in attendance at the Summit.
GP Schmahl presenting at the SAC Summit
GP Schmahl started the meeting with an introduction to FGBNMS, the host site for the Summit.
Dan Basta presenting at the SAC Summit with a brochure in hand
Dan Basta discussed the NOS Roadmap with the council chairs.
Members of the FAC gathered in a conference room for a meeting
Members of the Federal Advisory Committee (FAC) for the National MPA Center also met at the Galveston location.
FAC members discussing MPA strategies
FAC members discuss MPA strategies for success during one of their meeting sessions.

Council Meeting
November 13, 2013

GP giving a sanctuary updates presentation about the new ROV
The new Mohawk ROV purchased by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation was the focus of
G.P. Schmahl's sanctuary update.
Four council members taking notes during a meeting
Four council members, representing fishing, oil & gas, conservation, and education, taking notes during a discussion.

Council Meeting
September 18, 2013

Council members meeting in the sanctuary ballroom
Council members meeting in the sanctuary ballroom.
GP silhouetted in front of a screen showing information about the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
GP giving a presentation about the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation in preparation for their October meeting in Houston.
Looking over the shoulder of a meeting visitor reading a handout
A meeting visitor looking over information about the NCCOS Biogeography study that took place in the sanctuary.
Fritz Hanselmann giving a presentation about the Monterrey shipwrecks
Fritz Hanselmann, from TX State University, talking about discoveries made during the Monterrey shipwreck exploration that took place near the sanctuary in July 2013.

Council Meeting
May 1, 2013

Youth working group members at posing for a group photo at a council meeting
Students from the Youth Working Group came for a visit and shared what they learned about the sanctuary this year. Sherrie Kraus (2nd from left) is their Aquatic Science teacher at Ball High School in Galveston.
Jesse Cancelmo and James Wiseman standing together after a meeting
Jesse Cancelmo (left) and James Wiseman (right) were elected as council chair and vice chair for the next term.

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