Get Involved

Get Involved

Share your time, your talents and your observations to help make Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary the best it can be!


Volunteers are an important part of sanctuary participation in many public events. They help us staff exhibits, share information and conduct activities. Without volunteers, we wouldn't be able to accomplish as much as we do in the surrounding communities. Volunteer diving opportunities are limited.

Volunteer Activities


The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council advises the sanctuary superintendent on priority issues affecting the sanctuary and provides an opportunity for information exchange with local communities.

Sanctuary Advisory Council


Since our visits to the sanctuary are limited by weather, staffing and vessel availability, we welcome observations from other visitors. You can submit photos of wildlife, conduct surveys, or simply email us your observations. We'd love to know what you saw!

Citizen Science


The Lionfish Invitational is an annual event supported by Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and several other partners to allow public participation in the removal of invasive lionfish from the sanctuary.

Lionfish Invitational