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If you have just discovered our website and would like to see what news stories have been featured in the past, this is your chance! Stories are archived by year, with the most recent articles listed first.


Lionfish Invitational, August 2015 (46kb pdf)

Results from the 2015 Invitational

Additional information about Lionfish

Additional information about Invasive Species

Get Into Your Sanctuary Day, June 2015

New Species of Squat Lobster, May 2015

Advisory Council Seat, May 2015 (87kb pdf)

Advisory Council Seats, February 2015 (79kb pdf)

Sanctuary Seeks Input on Expansion, February 2015


Advisory council Seats, August 2014 (80kb pdf)

Sanctuary Classic Fishing Photo Contest, June 2014

Flower Garden Banks Highlighted in Documentary

Window in the Waves: The Flower Garden Banks documentary (662kb pdf) - second airing

Okeanos Explorer 2014 Gulf of Mexico Expedition

Ocean Discovery Day, March 2014

Women Divers Hall of Fame Inductee

Window in the Waves: The Flower Garden Banks Documentary


Ocean Discovery Day, March 2013


FGBNMS 2012 Accomplishments (660kb pdf)

Mapping Shipwreck in Gulf of Mexico, September 2012 (161kb pdf)


Lionfish Sighted in Sanctuary, August 2011


Volunteer Inspired by Capitol Hill Ocean Week, June 2010

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, May 2010


Healthy Reefs Reported, August 2009

Whale Shark Connections, August 2009

Interactive Online Map, June 2009

Manta Naming Contest, April 2009


2008 Condition Report Released, November 2008

Hurricane Ike Recovery, October 2008

New Research Vessel Christened, June 2008

New Fish Species Described, January 2008

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Ruby brittle star in foreground, snaking across a spawning star coral in background.  Coral spawn looks like white BBs floating up from the coral.
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