Stunning visual images of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary bring the sanctuary to life! From reef scenes to science, wildlife to operations, sunrise to sunset, we share what it means to preserve and protect this underwater treasure.

Some of these images are available through the pages highlighted below. Others are scattered throughout our website. We encourage you to use the search bar if you have a specific image in mind. In most cases, you can click on individual images to open up higher resolution versions for downloading.

Collage of species images


These lists highlight the species found within recreational dive limits (0-130 ft, 0-40 m deep) or moving around on the water's surface. We don't have images of every species, but we'll keep working on it!

Map showing location of nearest reefs to Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary


Our maps show everything from the sanctuary's location and boundaries, to reefs and banks of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. We also have an interactive mapping tool that allows you to see locations of platforms, pipelines, shipping lanes, and even ROV exploration routes.

Octopus blending in with its surroundings


Videos are the next best thing to being there when it comes to close encounters with wildlife. We hope you enjoy our video moments and come to appreciate these wonderful reefs as much as we do!

Manta ray with a mostly white belly


Our Manta Catalog contains images and sighting information for individual mantas that have been seen at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary or nearby banks. Each animal is identified by the unique markings on its belly.

Sanctuary table display at an event


Photos of Ocean Discovery Days, Seaside Chats, Get Into Your Sanctuary Days, presentations, workshops and community events.

Looking over the shoulder of a diver taking a photo on the reef


Long-term monitoring efforts include photos of the same spots on the reef year after year. This section includes repetitive images from select photostations at East Flower Garden, West Flower Garden, and Stetson Banks.