Volunteer Activities

A volunteer talking to a group of teachers at an educator open house.

Volunteers play a role in promoting responsible stewardship of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. Without volunteers, we wouldn't be able to accomplish as much as we do in the surrounding communities.

Calls for volunteers go out through our Volunteers email list as opportunities arise.


The sanctuary participates in many different kinds of public events by setting up an information booth or display. Volunteers help us staff the exhibits, share information and conduct activities with visitors.

Program Prep

For those who prefer to work behind-the-scenes, we sometimes need assistance in preparing for programs, workshops and events. This may involve cutting, pasting, laminating, making copies, room set-up, and other miscellaneous duties.

A sanctuary booth under a pop up tent at an outdoor community event
Some events are indoors and some are outdoors. (Image: FGBNMS/Drinnen)


We often hear from divers who would like to assist us with research efforts in the sanctuary. While we appreciate the enthusiasm behind these offers, we are unable to accept most of them.

Dive volunteer opportunities at the sanctuary are limited to individuals who are part of the NOAA Diving Program or another dive program that shares reciprocity with NOAA.

However, if you are planning a recreational dive trip to the sanctuary, we welcome your observations and photos of manta rays (belly view), whale sharks (side view), sea turtles or anything spawning. Recreational divers can also contribute to sanctuary wildlife knowledge through citizen science activities.

An Andrea selfie
A diver enters the water from R/V MANTA. (Image: FGBNMS)