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The Manta Catalog consists of a series of images and sighting information for individual mantas that have been seen at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary or nearby banks.

Each manta ray has been placed in a category depending on its unique underbelly markings. However, some manta rays' markings might be interpreted differently by different people, so be sure to look at images in all categories to find the manta you are trying to identify.

This page includes images of mantas with acoustic tags attached to their dorsal (top) sides. For more information about why these mantas are tagged, please visit the Manta Ray Research page.


Button labeled "spots" that links to an image page of manta rays with spot patternsindividual has spot-like markings

Button labeled "squares" that links to an image page of manta rays with square-like patternsindividual has square-like blotches

Button labeled "spots & squares" that links to an image page of manta rays with spot & square patternsindividual has a combinationof spots and square patterns

Button labeled "mostly black" that links to an image page of manta rays with mostly black undersidesindividual is predominantly black/gray with few other markings

Button labeled "mostly white" that links to an image page of manta rays with mostly white undersidesindividual is predominantly white with few other markings

Click on a picture below to see a larger image of the manta and information about sightings of that individual. All downloaded images should be credited to the person(s) listed with each photo. If an image lacks a photo credit, the photographer is not known.

Top view of manta ray M18 with tag attached to right fin
Manta M18
September 2006
Photo Credit: Steve Heuer

Also listed in 'Squares'

Belly view of manta ray M33
Manta M33
August 2006
Photo Credit: Gary Merritt

Also listed in 'Mostly White'

Belly view of manta ray M36
Manta M36
August 2004
Photo Credit: Andy Feth

Also listed in 'Spots'

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