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On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary hosted a celebratory event at the grand opening of the Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit in the Texas Seaport Museum, Galveston, TX.

This event provided an opportunity to recognize NOAA's historical and current presence in the Galveston community, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Flower Garden Banks sanctuary and the 40th anniversary of the entire National Marine Sanctuary Program.

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Photo credits: Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary/Drinnen

Outside entry to the Texas Seaport Museum.
The Texas Seaport Museum is the temporary home of the Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit, as well as a permanent exhibt about NOAA's work in local shrimp fisheries and a video kiosk for Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Looking down on a museum exhibit area from the second floor.
Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit viewed from the second level of the Texas Seaport Museum.

Wooden captain's desk with a sign-in log and an anniversary card for people to sign.
This beautiful Captain's desk served as a nice entry point for the celebration. All guests were invited to sign a Happy Anniversary card for National Marine Sanctuaries.
A couple of guests viewing different display cases in the Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit.
The first few guests begin exploring the Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit.
An old lantern and some rope floats sitting on the floor next to a display case.
Historical artifacts and period display items work together to create a brief history of NOAA's involvement in the community.
Two guests looking at a display case next to a banner about Rachel Carson.
Guests learn more about important historical figures in NOAA's past as well as research efforts in fisheries, charting, and more.
A hand-written weather journal from the 1800s in a display case with a photo, a book, and a weather radio.
An actual weather log from Galveston in 1886-1887 highlights the importance of sunrise and sunset observations as well as valuable storm information.
A guest views a display case of information about sea turtle research.
Sea turtle research in Galveston is the focus of one exhibit.

Display banner showing the treasures of Flower Garden Banks Naitonal Marine Sanctuary as coins falling into a treasure chest.
This treasure chest displays just a few of the many treasures found in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Table top display about Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary with a cake-shaped flower arrangement in front of it.
Guests were invited to learn more about the sanctuary's 20 years of exploration as well. Special thanks to the Texas Sea Grant program who sent the beautiful flower "cake" with anniversary wishes!

Three men talking in a museum exhibit area.
Sanctuary Superintendent G.P. Schmahl chats with Jamie White, Director of the Texas Seaport Museum, and Dwayne Jones, Executive Director of the Galveston Historical Foundation, before the evening's presentation.

GP Schmahl presenting from the front of a room.
G.P. Schmahl gave a brief summary of NOAA's presence in the Galveston community followed by an introduction to Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Seated group of people getting ready for a presentation.
Over 80 people attended the grand opening presentation and explored the exhibit.

Table of food catered by CJs Deli.
CJ's Deli provided a nice spread for the celebration thanks to generous support from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

weather report observations cool stuff get wet

Juvenile blue tang (fish).  Bright yellow body with irridescent blue marking around eye and at top edge of dorsal fin.
National Marine Sanctuary logo - a stylized whale tail above waves