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Video of Sanctuary Invertebrates - This includes a variety of crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, and worms.

Polychaete List

The following polychaetes are found within the coral cap region of the sanctuary (0-130 ft, 0-40m deep). Common names are listed, if known.

Common Name Scientific Name
  Anaitides erythrophyllus
  Armandia intermedia
  Aspidosiphon sp.
  Autolytus sp.
  Ceratonereis mirabilis
Parchment Tube Worm Chaetopterus variopedatus
  Cirriformia filigera
  Ditrupa diaphonata
  Dorvillea moniloceras
  Dorvillea propapilla
  Dorvillea pseudobravittata
  Dorvillea setadentata
  Dorvillea spiraclemones
  Driloneris magna
Long Bristle Eunice Eunice longisetis
  Eunice triflavus
  Eunice websteri
  Eunice vittata
  Eunice websteri
Irridescent Fireworm
Eurythoe complanata
  Haplosyllis spongicola
  Harmothoe aculeata

Green/Bearded Fireworm
Bearded Fireworm (Hermodice carunculata)

Bearded Fireworm (Hermodice carunculata)

Hermodice carunculata
  Hydroides complexata
Marine worms with red gills protruding from white tubes Hydroides sp.
  Hypsicomus phaeotaenia (elegans)
  Kefersteinia cirrata
  Lagerhansia cornuta
  Lepidametria sp.
Medusa Worm Loimia medusa
  Lumbrineris coccinea
  Lumbrineris cruzensis
  Lysidice ninetta
  Marphysa sp.
  Metavermilia setoscypha
  Neanthes sp.
  Nematonereis unicornis
  Neovermilia capensis
  Nicon sp.
  Notopygos megalops
  Palola siciliensis
  Pionosyllis cf. erhlersiaeformis
  Placostegus pauseta
  Potamilla linguicollaris
  Potamilla prolongula
  Protis obscura
  Sannelidsalmacina dysteri

Christmas Tree Worm
Christmas Tree Worms (Spirobranchus giganteus)

Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus giganteus)

Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus)

Spirobranchus giganteus
  Spirorbis spirillum
  Subprotula cf. longiseta
  Syllis corallicoides
  Syllis gracilis
  Trypanosyllis taeniaformis
  Typosyllia hyalina
  Typosyllis regulata carolinae
  Typosyllis variegata
  Vermiliopsis acanthophora
  Vermiliopsis monocalyptera

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Download a List of Annelid Species (13kb pdf) found in the coral cap region of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

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Small, knobby corals in foreground; boulder of brain coral in background.  Long, fingery branches of purple sponge anchored in knobby corals and standing upright.
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