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All of the following sponges are found within the coral cap region of the sanctuary (0-130 ft, 0-40m deep). Common names are listed, if known.

Calcareous Sponges
Common Name Scientific Name
  Leuconia aspera

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Common Name Scientific Name
  Acanthella cubensis

Orange Elephant Ear Sponge 
orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes)

orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes)

orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes)

orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes)

Agelas clathrodes
Brain Sponge Ageles cf. cerebrum
  Agelas dispar

Branching Tube Sponge
branching tube sponge (Aiolochroia crassa)

Branching Tube Sponge (Aiolochroia crass)

branching tube sponge (Aiolochroia crassa)

branching tube sponge (Aiolochroia crassa)

Aiolochroia (Pseudoceratina) crassa

  Ancorina sp.
Brown Volcano Carpet/
Brown Variable Sponge
Anthosigmella varians
Sulphur Sponge Aplysilla sulfurea

Row Pore Rope Sponge
row pore rope sponge (Aplysina cauliformes)

row pore rope sponge (Aplysina cauliformes)

Aplysina cauliformes
  Auletta sycinularia

Batzella rubra

Branching Vase Sponge
branching vase sponge (Callyspongia vaginalis)

branching vase sponge (Callyspongia vaginalis)

Callyspongia vaginalis
Chicken Liver Sponge
chicken liver sponge (Chondrilla nucula)
Chondrilla nucula
  Chondrosia sp.
  Clathria sp.
Red Boring Sponge Cliona delitrix
  Cliona schmidti
Cliona sp. Cliona sp.
  Corallistes typus
  Didiscus oxeata

Ethereal/Heavenly Sponge
ethereal sponge (Dysidea etheria)
(found on platform only)

Dysidea etheria

Brown Encrusting Octopus Sponge
brown encrustingoctopus sponge (Ectyoplasia ferox)

brown encrusting octopus sponge (Ectyoplasia ferox)

brown encrusting octopus sponge (Ectyoplasia ferox)

Ectyoplasia ferox
  Epipolasis sp.
  Erylus alleni
  Erylus trisphaera
  Geodia gibberosa
  Halichondria sp.
  Haliclona sp.
  Higginsia coralloides
Stinker Sponge
stinker sponge (Ircinia felix)
Ircinia felix
Black-ball Sponge
black-ball sponge (Ircinia strobilina)
Ircinia strobilina
  Mycale angulosa

Strawberry Vase Sponge
strawberry vase sponge (Mycale laxissima)

strawberry vase sponge (Mycale laxissima)

Mycale laxissima
  Myriastra fibrosa
Convoluted Orange Sponge Myrmekioderma gyroderma
Touch-me-not Sponge
touch-me-not sponge (Neofibularia nolitangere)
Neofibularia nolitangere
  Neofibularia nolitangere oxeata

Lavender Rope Sponge
lavendar rope sponge (Niphates erecta)

Lavender Roper Sponge (Niphates erecta)

Niphates erecta
  Petrosia sp.
  Placspherastra antillensis
  Placospongia melobesioides
  Plakortis zyggompha

Red-orange Branching SpongeRed-orange Branching Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp.)

Red-orange Branching Sponge (Ptilocaulis sp.)

Ptilocaulis sp.
  Rhizaxinella clava
  Rhizochalina sp.
Variable Boring Sponge
Siphonodictyon coralliphagum
Loggerhead Sponge Spheciospongia vesparium
  Spirastrella cunctatrix
Yellow Sponge Spongia barbara
  Stellata sp.
Orange Lumpy Encrusting Sponge Ulosa ruetzleri
  Verongia cauliformis
  Verongula reiswigi

Giant Barrel Sponge
giant barrel sponge

giant barrel sponge

Xestospongia muta


  Yucatania sphaeroidocladus

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Download a List of Sponge Species (13kb pdf) found in the coral cap region of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

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Small, knobby corals in foreground; boulder of brain coral in background.  Long, fingery branches of purple sponge anchored in knobby corals and standing upright.
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