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Close up view of Christmas tree worms protruding from a coral head

Welcome to a very special place...

Picture yourself over 100 miles from land, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. At times, the seas can be very unforgiving, and the weather can turn foul in an instant. But here, in the midst of this unpredictable Gulf, lie three of the most beautiful and wild places in all the world. Manta rays, whale sharks, coral heads bigger than cars, hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates... This place teems with life!

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Accepting Applications for Recreational Fishing Seat on Advisory Council

recreational fishing boat in sanctuary

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is seeking applicants for one of two recreational fishing seats on its advisory council.

The council ensures public participation in sanctuary management and provides advice to the sanctuary superintendent.

Application materials and information are available on the Council News page. Completed applications are due by close of business June 30, 2015.

2013 Long-Term
Monitoring Report

Two photos showing a diver taking monitoring photos on the reef

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary has just released its 2013 Annual Monitoring Report from East and West Flower Garden Banks. 

The coral reefs of these two banks continue to be healthy and stable after 25 years of  monitoring, when compared to other reefs that have declined in the Caribbean region. However, despite continued coral cover above 50%, macroalgae cover has been increasing since 1999.

Continued monitoring will document long-term changes and will be useful for management decisions and future research focused on the reef communities and the fish populations they support. 

Full Report (26MB pdf)

Report Summary (1.7MB pdf)

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
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Galveston, TX 77551
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French angelfish in foreground; large boulder corals in background.  French angelfish is dinner plate size oval shaped, blue body with body scales bright yellow on their edges.
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